Visual artist born in Sweden (Lund, 1982). After have been living in Denmark and Brazil settled in Spain (Madrid) since more than a decade. Graduated in fine arts and photography, as a Superior Technician of arts and design by Escuela La Palma Madrid and Superior Technician of photography by Escuela de Arte de Oviedo. Complementary studies in photography with Deneb Martos, Matías Costa and David Jiménez.


Drawing, painting and the documentary point of view together with graffiti, which he painted during the first years of his artistic career. Led to that he developed the interest for the urban that is appreciated in his images. This is what creates his artistic universe together with the interest in non-places or spaces denoting end and outcome (or beginning of another story).


He has participated in colective exhibitions in Spain and Sweden contribuating with drawings, paintings and photography.


Currently he is preparing his first individual exhibition and terminating a bachelors degree in cultural anthropology at Uppsala University in Sweden.

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